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Static Security Guards | Event Security | Concierge Service

Manned Guarding: Services


Birch Security Services provide a high quality static guarding service throughout the UK.

We have professionally trained, unrivalled security guards that can be deployed to protect your home or business. We carefully select our security guards in line with the project brief.  Site specific training is given prior to the start of any project, to give you the best guards possible.  All of our guards are SIA licensed, fully trained to SIA requirements and go through a full vetting procedure.

Our guards:

  • Conduct frequent patrols at regular intervals therefore keeping regular tabs on the site.

  • Keep a digital patrol log and get a hand over signature from the site manager at the start and end of the shifts.

  • All incidents, sightings and suspicious behaviour will be digitally logged and reported to site management. Security guards will liaise with the emergency services in case of any incidents.

  • Will control and monitor the movement of all vehicles and personnel to and from the site.

  • Will carefully apply their training, therefore ensuring that all property and the premises are secured.

  • Will wear High Vis vests and be noticeable as a persons of authority.

  • If needed, will carry out random searches of vehicles and personnel.

  • Will fill out digital log books in order to track all site movement.

  • Registers will be kept for keys, lost property and any searches carried out.

All of our guards are trained to use our dedicated guard software.

During the site survey, we would plan the patrol route for the guard and if needed, install tags around the site.  The guard will scan each tag  to ensure that regular patrols are being carried out.  Reports are electronically created.

Our software also provides our guards with full site manuals, the ability to log photos and comment where required, real time/live updates about new tasks that may be required as well as providing the guard with a secure lone worker system, with the ability to summon emergency assistance if required.


  • Festivals and Concerts

  • Sporting Events

  • Parties​

  • Corporate Events 

  • Weddings 

  • Charity Events

Events come in all shapes and sizes and for all crowds and tastes! You could be running a private party, a public sporting event or even a music festival – or, alternatively, you could be hosting an important business seminar or conference which requires particularly close security. In any case, you’ll be catering to members of the public regardless of your guest list or whether or not it is a ticketed affair.

Birch Security Services provide dedicated safety solutions for any event, no matter how big or small – and there are a varied range of security personnel that we train and supply for such occasions. While you may have the catering and service arranged for your event, it is important to consider hiring talented security coverage to ensure that your guests are not just cared for, but are also made to feel safe without fear of reproach. Birch Security Services trains stewards for on-foot surveillance and public support, door supervision personnel to restrict entry and exit to your event, and even low-key security and dog patrols to help locate and remove anyone from your event that is presenting a risk to both your guests and your business.

We train our staff to ensure that they provide a superb level of close security.  Our range of safety personnel are fully trained and provide a sweeping coverage of any event.

Why not consult Birch Security Services to find out which security solutions will benefit your event?


Our Concierge security guard services are suitable for hotels, office sites, and other uniformed locations.

From creating a professional, friendly front of house experience for customers to increasing the security and wellbeing of staff, our Concierge security services help you present the best image and service for your business.

Concierge security guards offer a dual role in providing a front of house experience and security.  From CCTV monitoring and patrols, accepting packages and deliveries, and assisting residents/employees, our concierge security guards offer a helpful and professional front of house service.

Hotel security guards are there to provide peace of mind to guests and also provide a safe front of house experience that deters all security risks.  Uniformed hotel security can help protect VIP guests and provide all round building monitoring and protection of assets whilst also increasing visitor satisfaction.

All our guards are chosen specific to the project and in addition to standard SIA approved training, have conducted certified customer service training.

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