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The fear of Security Alarms

As a provider of security alarms and security systems in many different settings, both business and residential, we at Birch Security Services regularly see clients with security alarms they have had installed that they simply do not use. So why is it that so many installed security alarms are left unused?? The simple answer:


People are fearful of technology and systems that aren't simple to use. There is no coincidence that just about every new successful technology on the market (in any industry) has a simple to use and understand smart phone App.

The security industry, both in relation to CCTV and alarm systems, just hasn't quite understood the importance of this key user requirement. Whilst nearly all security systems these days do have Smart Apps, they tend to be poorly designed and not simple to use.

So it is refreshing to come across a brand such as Ajax Systems who have built a Grade 2 completely Wireless Alarm System (appropriate for residential and most commercial), from the ground up. Using their own wireless technology and their own manufactured products -you'd be surprised how many companies are buying in the same components and bolting them on to their products.

Importantly, Ajax Systems, when designing their system have not neglected the end user. Creating a super simple App to be used from anywhere in the world to monitor and access your Security Alarm System.

Not only that, Ajax Systems have built in the installer set up within the App, meaning companies such as Birch Security can install and set up a completely new Alarm System in no time at all (typically 2-3 hours maximum for a 3/4 bedroom house). This is unheard of in the security alarm industry and we at Birch Security Services believe systems such as Ajax are the future of the Security Alarm industry.... helping clients protect their properties simply by providing an easy to use system!

Wireless Alarm Leeds - Security Alarm Leeds - House Alarm Leeds

Wireless Alarm Harrogate - Security Alarm Harrogate - House Alarm Harrogate

Wireless Alarm Wetherby - Security Alarm Wetherby - House Alarm Wetherby

Wireless Alarm Yorkshire - Security Alarm Yorkshire - House Alarm Yorkshire

Wireless Alarm Manchester- Security Alarm Manchester - House Alarm Manchester

Wireless Alarm Cheshire - Security Alarm Cheshire - House Alarm Cheshire

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