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The ultimate home CCTV system?

Believe it or not, this is not an African Safari!

This is in fact a new build residential house on which we recently completed the extensive security and CCTV system.

In total, 16 CCTV cameras and a Texecom Alarm System were used to provide the home owner and their numerous acres of land with an all seeing eye.

An avid animal and nature fan, the client was keen to see all of his grounds through the CCTV system (viewable from his phone, or any of the TVs within the house). Rather than specifying 30/40 static cameras to cover all areas, we used a mix of static, zoom and PTZ cameras meaning it was limited to only 16 CCTV cameras, yet giving the ability to see the whole site.

Reducing the amount of cameras reduced the installation cost significantly yet still fulfilled the client's brief. This gave the client peace mind regarding the security of his home AND also provided the ability to track his wildlife (...although some of the animals may not be so mobile!!).

With experience of security systems large and small and for every eventuality, Birch Security Services has the knowledge and skill set to provide a system that surpasses your expectation and yet still finds ways to reduce cost.


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