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Private Investigation: Services


There are many circumstances in which you may require the assistance of a private detective, for example with commercial problems such as theft of stock from your business, intellectual property theft and employee absenteeism, through to matrimonial and relationship problems such as investigating suspected infidelity.

Our private investigators carry out discreet enquiries for our clients to obtain information and check facts.  We use a number of observation and investigative techniques to gather accurate information on the subject or situation in question.

With extensive experience in UK police forces, investigating major crime including murders, complex fraud and high risk missing persons we have carried these investigative techniques to the world of private investigations whilst using the utmost efficiency and discretion. We provide affordable and innovative solutions to sensitive and complicated problems.

The services our private detectives provide may differ depending on the case or industry in which they work.  We help to uncover facts and evidence, analyse information, and provide you with the results of our investigation.

All of our private detectives are highly experienced and highly trained, with proven records of achievement, providing the highest quality of results in the most professional and discreet manner possible. We cover all types of investigations from private through to corporate, commercial and legal. Our professionally trained private detectives each have their own specialist fields, meaning we can always meet your requirements whatever your problem.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.


  • Corporate Investigations

  • Missing Persons

  • Fraudulent Insurance Claims

  • Matrimonial Investigation

  • Child Neglect/Child Endangerment

  • Illegal co-habitation

  • Serving of legal documents

  • Covert Surveillance

  • Background checks

  • Vehicle tracking

  • Secret shopper

  • Counter surveillance 

  • International investigations

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