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Meeting Your Needs

Alarm Systems: Services


Whether it's an existing system that needs updating, a new wired system or a wireless system that is required, you can be assured that our security alarms are designed and installed to do exactly what you need them to do.... protect your home or business.

Obviously we cannot prevent every crime against our clients, however we ensure that our systems hinder or stop the progress of a crime and so reduce a client's loss.  In many cases, a properly designed and installed security alarm will help notify the client the second any incident happens and thus forcing potential offenders to flee.


With the surge in use of Smart Phones and Smart Phone Apps, we ensure that all our security alarms are installed with the ability to monitor your home or business remotely.

With our advanced Smart Phone security Apps, you will know the status of your security system 24/7, have the ability to arm or disarm from anywhere in the world, even see live data of which rooms are sensing movement.

Whilst we also offer remote monitoring services, our standard Smart Phone App allows customer full remote access and self monitoring of their system at no extra cost.  



Don't leave it to chance, your security systems need to be check regularly to ensure they are working to their optimum performance and keeping your property safe and protected all-year round.

It is vital that the security system is working correctly at all times. If the worst was to happen and a break in occurred whilst your burglar alarm was found to be broken, your insurance could be made invalid. Birch Security Services offer a range of maintenance plans for businesses and home-owners, scheduled to your liking to eliminate the need for excessive down-time.

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